13 September 2014

Is the new Audi TT S more of an engaging, exciting proposition than its predecessor? Matt Prior gets behind the wheel to find out.

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13 September 2014
Looks identical to the old one (a car which, weirdly, the designer repudiates) except for the snarling face. It's like they've taken the old one and really pissed it off.

13 September 2014
It might drive better than previous TT's but that engine note is awful. It wouldnt matter how well it drove, i couldnt put up with that drone

13 September 2014
What does it matter how it drives, only hairdressers buy them. Complete waste of time reporting about this car's handling etc around circuits or twisty 'B' roads, how does it handle at 10mph around Sainsburys car park? What's the handling like cruising at 20mph along the high street? How many people will look at it whilst parked outside the local Bistro? These are the questions potential owners want answered.

15 September 2014
"Only hairdressers but em " no that's what the slower,cheaper MX5 is for during times of the credit crunch, according to the internet anyway.

17 September 2014
Not my cup of Tea really,maybe a dark color,but not that AA Van color.

17 September 2014
I love the way Haldex and VAG are still trying to perpetuate the myth that these part time AWD cars can transmit 100% of the power to the rear wheels and that car journos relay this nonsense to us...

17 October 2014
The only nonsense in this context is your claim that it can't.

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