21 November 2014

The new Porsche 911 GTS has been built, says the manufacturer, for the kind of customer who quite fancies a GT3 but isn't prepared to put up with the compromises demanded by such a track-orientated car. So it's the car that fills the gap between the regular Carrera S and the GT3. Does that mean it's the answer to a question no one has yet bothered to ask? Steve Sutcliffe finds out when he drives the four-wheel-drive variant.

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bomb 25 November 2014

madmac wrote: Overpriced

madmac wrote:

Overpriced ridiculously just for a fancy badge IMHO

I love the 911 but when you consider that Porsche contribute 25% of VAG profits from 3% of the sales and the 911 is Porsche's most profitable car...you might have a point.

madmac 25 November 2014

My favourite 911,but soon to

My favourite 911,but soon to be updated with a turbo smaller motor.4WD a must for all year driving and the rear seats are useful at times for Grandchildren or an occasional drunk friend after a party[and he/she won't remember how scrunched he/she was]
Problem is though,I could buy 2 TTRS's with APR Stage 2+ for the same price and have a more practical hatch,a 0-60 in the low 3's,and still a fabulous warbly engine sound.
Overpriced ridiculously just for a fancy badge IMHO.
bomb 24 November 2014


...help but feel that this is basically an officially sanctioned 'C4S-with options'. I'm pretty sure you could get exactly the same effect by speccing your own C2S with a power kit and sports exhaust.