21 November 2014

The new Porsche 911 GTS has been built, says the manufacturer, for the kind of customer who quite fancies a GT3 but isn't prepared to put up with the compromises demanded by such a track-orientated car. So it's the car that fills the gap between the regular Carrera S and the GT3. Does that mean it's the answer to a question no one has yet bothered to ask? Steve Sutcliffe finds out when he drives the four-wheel-drive variant.

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21 November 2014
It's not so much a gap Porsche are trying to fill here - more of a hair-line crack. With PDK and 4WD, the GTS is two grand less than the GT3 and you get to keep your rear bench. But you miss out on four wheel steer, 45 extra bhp and that all important daily benefit (not) of getting to 62mph 500 milliseconds quicker than the saddo in the GTS. Very picky horses for courses really.

22 November 2014
What speeds did you get up to Steve? Was that a near miss with the California patrol car driving past you :)

22 November 2014
I just love that 6 cyl howl. I will always prefer it to the jackhammer sound of V8s in F-types and sundry American cars. You can google sound tracks for the upcoming Z06 and hyper Mustang and they sound great but for me just not quite as stirring.

22 November 2014
If i won a double rollover,i wouldn't but the fastest car on the Planet,i'd buy a Porsche, this Porsche,so what if it costs a lot,so what if it's a car for an invented niche,just listen to it!,having driven a few fast cars,the thrill i get was at a flex of my right toe i could be doing licence loosing speeds,through Tunnels i could enjoy the wicked sound of quad exhausts,never mind the money,your only here for a while,just do it!

22 November 2014
Was riding my Daytona 675 through the Swiss twisties today, what a hoot! And the noise, no 911 will compare.
On the other hand, after watching this video, decided to take my (manual) 997T, 575hp, tomorrow early to the German Autobahn. That will be fun! Then I take the bike out again and go carving some mountainous roads, I am sorry, but no car, however fast, will compare to a good sports-bike.
Stlll, if I were choosing a car today, I'd go for Cayman GTS, it has all the power a car needs, really, and you can ride it into rev limiter without being (too) scared for your licence. Same goes for 600cc supersports that I love, though they are much faster than most sportscars.

Oh, with respect to 991 GT3, I have a neighbour who sold his 991 GT3, simply because the car was in service TWICE and both times for smoking engine, each time took months. Having a sportscar and not being able to drive it for months...what's the point? In any case, if I were looking for GT3, I'd buy 997.2 GT3, the best GT3 drivers car Porsche will ever make.

My dream car, though, is 997 GT2. I would buy that car before anything else.

22 November 2014
Because it will be shortly finished.
The last music with a flat 6.
Sad days...

23 November 2014
Always like Steve's videos, and this one cleverly includes the Carerra GTS and Carerra 4 GTS. I agree that there is not much difference in the base price of the 4 GTS and the GT3, but surely that problem ( nice one to have ) is mute as you cannot get a GT3 from Porsche GB very easily. I'm sure that I like many others would rather have the GT3 but the GTS looks great and is more practical to own in the UK.

24 November 2014
...help but feel that this is basically an officially sanctioned 'C4S-with options'. I'm pretty sure you could get exactly the same effect by speccing your own C2S with a power kit and sports exhaust.

25 November 2014
My favourite 911,but soon to be updated with a turbo smaller motor.4WD a must for all year driving and the rear seats are useful at times for Grandchildren or an occasional drunk friend after a party[and he/she won't remember how scrunched he/she was]
Problem is though,I could buy 2 TTRS's with APR Stage 2+ for the same price and have a more practical hatch,a 0-60 in the low 3's,and still a fabulous warbly engine sound.
Overpriced ridiculously just for a fancy badge IMHO.


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