30 April 2015

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bomb 7 May 2015

I had to go to youtube to

I had to go to youtube to watch this, whatever video player the website now uses just goes round and round and round and round...
275not599 1 May 2015

I'd be happy with either but

I'd be happy with either but leaning towards the Porsche. If you think some posters on this website are a bit off you should read the comments on the Youtube posting of this video.
gillmanjr 1 May 2015

Both comments above are

Both comments above are correct. The AMG GT does not compete against any Carerra, they are completely different cars with different purposes. The AMG has way too big a torque advantage, far more luxury oriented interior, and GT layout. The correct comparison here is a Porsche Turbo. And that makes the AMG quite a bargain, after going through Porsche's options list you'd end up with a Turbo that is significantly more expensive than the GT S. As much as I love Porsche I'd have a hard time buying a Turbo over the AMG, I think its brilliant.