2 March 2014

It may be known as 'the Beast', but can the 355bhp Mercedes A45 AMG overpower the BMW M135i and Volkswagen Golf GTI? Steve Sutcliffe finds out in the biggest hot hatch shootout of the year.

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Mike in Bath 16 July 2013

What is a middle segment brand like VW being tested against....

BMW and Mercedes? Only in this country is VW (by some people) called a prestige car. The clue is in the name (Volks Wagon) folk’s car, or a car for anyone, the people’s car! Its rivals are the Focus, Cee'd, Civic, Auris and similar.

Anyway on to more important matters; why After the V40 destroyed the A-class in their first head to head is it not here to take on the two (should be one) contender/s? Surely the Volvo T5 with a 0-60 of 5.7 secs and a top speed of 155mph before any help from Polestar and at £31k it is £9k cheaper the the AMG yet it comes with more technology, safety and luxury and if you want more power you can easily get it and it would still be £8k cheaper, as for the Golf it's an also ran. Oh sorry was this a German only test?

Auto Car there are many brands out there that barely get a look in and quite frankly I find German cars bland and boring, in the past I have owned a MkIII golf an E36 2.8 and a S4 Avant, so reasonably good cars in their day now the are slight variations on the previous model!

Now tell me things about cars I don't know about or stop being lazy and going on jollies and give us some descent head to heads, more information and less cooing!

MG 8 July 2013

Contradictions & emotions make a poor review

This tester contradicts himself, first both the M and AMG run 4.6 secs,then he cant cant catch the M, then in the M, he cant catch the AMG, seems he cant drive a RWD, probably does not know how to extract the torque and says the M is jittery when other reports say otherwise. An emotional review full of contradiction, devoid of real facts and measurements. Lets wait for a  journalist who really knows how to drive to compare them, like Clarkson or Harris...

rcsc 5 July 2013

Mercedes Review

Nice Feature, they all look great cars but not sure why he is comparing the Mercedes against the Golf gti on power when it should be against the Golf R.

Just a thought.