2 March 2014

It may be known as 'the Beast', but can the 355bhp Mercedes A45 AMG overpower the BMW M135i and Volkswagen Golf GTI? Steve Sutcliffe finds out in the biggest hot hatch shootout of the year.

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25 June 2013

Nice vid, with lots of interesting and useful insight. Thanks.

Seems the AMG is a classic example of YGWYPF. And remember, a recent 'Autoexcess' vid clocked the AMG's 0-60 at 4.1secs. And its official EU combined is 40mpg, so that'll mean real world late-30s MPG on a long run. Impressive.


25 June 2013

to see what the real advantage the A Class has over the ugly M135, or the drab GTI

29 June 2013

I am sorry you pay how much for tuned 4-pot and Haldex? 7 grand over M135?! You must be raving mad.

I've had 360hp 450Nm 4-Cylinder endine 6 years ago already, what is so special about the A45? Haldex...well I rather buy RS3 with a 5-Cyl engine and the same Haldex, for less. Or, rather, TT RS, pretty spacious these little darlings (unless you need rear seats).

Merc is overpriced, for people who have more money then sense. At least this one did not have the "diamond" grill, I've seen it live, never seen anything so tacky, my gf was less impressed than I was.

30 June 2013

You can't buy an RS3, and the TTRS is £9,000 more expensive than the A45, has two fewer seats, is much thirstier (assuming the official figures are equally unrealistic) and has naff-all boot space.

As for "more money than sense", I always read that as "more money than me"... though suggesting it'd be better to spend another £9,000 on a less practical car that's not as good to drive doesn't seem enormously sensible.

25 June 2013

Its looking good for the Golf R then.


25 June 2013

Citytiger wrote:

Now try it in the wet to see what the real advantage the A Class has over the ugly M135, or the drab GTI

Indeed, AFAIC that's a huge part of the AMG's appeal - it's a practical all-season/all-weather, all-rounder. 

Very interested to know what its real MPG will be - guessing c. 18mpg if you're on-it, 28-32mpg when tootling along A-/B-roads and c. 38mpg touring/motorways?

25 June 2013

... is the Mercedes. No doubt its an amazing car.

I couldn't agree more.

However I couldn't disagree more with the contention that its most obvious rivals include Golf GTI. If it was two/tenths of a second slower, I could agree. But its out of this company by 2 whole seconds. Thats Neanderthal. Move on.

A fairer comparison may have included Audi flagship S3 which is not a lot less powerful than the Merc or the BM - although it would likely trail the two thanks to its wooden handling.

How about Cayman S? I know thats a bit wild. Still the Merc is more powerful of the two. Cayman may gain in corners what it loses to the Merc in straight line. That'd be some comparison.

25 June 2013

Bravo Steve - Great Job

Nice cars as well

What a surprise - BMW not (as) tidy in the handling department as the other two.................

25 June 2013

...I strongly object to you using these cars at those speeds on public roads. Look at the speed you were doing around the 8 minute mark on the video. One day - mark these words - you WILL come a cropper and I hope you don't hit some poor family and kill someone.

25 June 2013

I think you want this Ray60;



great review Steve..


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