11 December 2013

Built by Lola, raced in the Can-Am championship by John Surtees, the Lola T70 is one of the most beautiful race cars ever made. So it was a good point to start when Gardner Douglas began development of its T70 Spyder.

It weighs just 900kg, but develops up to 700bhp from a range of GM V8 engines. But can it outhandle one of the world’s most able series production supercars, the McLaren MP4-12C? Steve Sutcliffe takes to the track to find out.

Thanks to Steve Hole of totalkitcar.com

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11 December 2013
Yep, a toy for the track indeed.

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11 December 2013
So you title this as a contest and then tell us it isn't a contest. I was expecting a lap time comparison at the very least. So that's 6 minutes of my life I won't get back. Thanks Sutcliffe you plum.

11 December 2013
And the difference having a lap time would have made to your sad life is… I rather enjoyed that. It was worth more than what I paid. Oh wait a minute, it was completely free. Thank you Mr Sutcliffe.

11 December 2013
[quote=stewiegriffin] So that's 6 minutes of my life I won't get back. Thanks Sutcliffe you plum. [/quote] Joined 20 minutes ago and this is what you come up with.

11 December 2013
Oh my, what a touchy brigade of fanboys we are! 'versus' would imply some sort of contest would it not. Where was the 'this one is better because' element here? Just another in a long line of wastes of time from an ever more amateurish bunch.

11 December 2013
Then if so how can having this video to watch be anything other than a good thing? What a lovely thing to look at and to hear. Given that for me the closet thing to driving nirvana of rwd and seat of the pants feedback that I can afford, is 1200 quids worth of mk2.5 mx5, I'm quite happy to fill my thrills vicariously through this king of video. Thanks very much, Autocar.

11 December 2013
Actually Steve Lola did make a t70 spyder (the MkII) and it's very beautiful. The GD looks a bit like it (arrangement of lights, air intake shapes etc) but the proportions are not the same; it looks a lot stumpier than the elegant original. In this respect the GD is reminiscent of a Chaparral 2C. Great car, though it seemed to roll a bit in the corners - my imagination? Certainly gets attention, though sometimes alas from trolls.

11 December 2013
A Lola T70 replica?

12 December 2013
You're a sad pathetic person with nothing to do but talk rubbish and slag somebody off at the first opportunity. When you get you're driving licence and a car you'll realise that some things are done for fun.


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