15 December 2014

We go off-roading in the new Land Rover Discovery Sport in a wintry Iceland.

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289 16 December 2014

off-roading in the new Land Rover Discovery Sport

Wow!, that was a REAL test....2 inches of snow with winter tyres, and all of 6 inches of water. I reckon a 2CV could have managed all of that without breaking sweat.
And what's all this about this new 'Freelander' chassis being based on the Evoque platform.....wasn't the Evoque based on the last Freelander chassis - "The Evoque platform, named LR-MS, is loosely based on the Ford EUCD platform (which was used on the company's Freelander 2) "
So the new is based on the nearly new based on the old platform....marvellous bit of marketing that! Oh and it is launching with the old engine too.
On the positive side, it looks a lot better than the old model....and for that reason alone, the sheep and the gullible will queue up to buy it. Well done Land Rover, that's a great trick.