12 February 2016

America versus Germany and...er, more Germany. We've put together three brutal V8 SUVs, with a combined power output of nearly 1600bhp, to do battle on our quarter-mile drag strip.

Our US representative, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, comes with 6.4-litres of HEMI V8; which is plenty for most circumstances, but will it be enough against the BMW X5 M and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S? Let's find out.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior
Title: Editor-at-large

Matt is Autocar’s lead features writer and presenter, is the main face of Autocar’s YouTube channel, presents the My Week In Cars podcast and has written his weekly column, Tester’s Notes, since 2013.

Matt is an automotive engineer who has been writing and talking about cars since 1997. He joined Autocar in 2005 as deputy road test editor, prior to which he was road test editor and world rally editor for Channel 4’s automotive website, 4Car. 

Into all things engineering and automotive from any era, Matt is as comfortable regularly contributing to sibling titles Move Electric and Classic & Sports Car as he is writing for Autocar. He has a racing licence, and some malfunctioning classic cars and motorbikes. 

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BigCatCarpo 27 February 2016

That sound!

I just love the sound of that Jeep. The kind of noise you could capture on a plate and eat with a knife and fork.
bezor Ta 12 February 2016

Hellcat a threat?

I don't think the Jeep, even with Hellcat treatment will be a big threat to the Germans. It's not just the number of hp but how it's delivered. The interaction between the engine, gearbox and the AWD-system, all are important. And that is just in a straight line. Just look at Challenger Hellcat. They have too change a lot in that Jeep to handle all the extra power and it will be a lot more expensive. Maybe close to BMW money? Well here in Europe it will be, if not more expensive.
Ektor 15 February 2016

Jeep & FCA know a thing or two

The Hellcat works just fine with the current 8-speed auto, it's only the limitation of 2WD and not being able to fit wider tyres that holds back Challenger and Chargers Hellcats off the line, and even then they get to 60mph in 3.6s and through the quarter in 11.7s. Once underway (over 60mph), they smoke everything in sight.
The G Cherokee's permanent AWD would take care of that initial lack of traction, and Jeep are masters of AWD, I wouldn't doubt their ability for a second.
artill 12 February 2016

Jeep need to drop the Hellcat

Jeep need to drop the Hellcat engine into the Grand Cherokee to win that one.
Ektor 12 February 2016

Hellcat Cherokee would annihilate the Germans

If heavy artillery and straight line pace is all that's being measured, then the Hellcat would find a very good home under the Grand Cherokee's bonnet. The Germans wouldn't know what hit them.
Oh, and JLR shied away because they knew they would lose this one; the Sport SVO is very fast, but just not quite enough against the two Teutons.