21 September 2017

The new Honda Civic Type R is one of the world's best, and most exciting, hot hatchbacks. But, then, so is the Volkswagen Golf R.

The Honda has a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine driving the front wheels. It's fun, it's agile, it's wild to look at and thrilling to drive.

The Volkswagen Golf R gives, we think it's fair to say, a more mature driving experience. It has four-wheel drive, more understated looks and slips into your life like a favourite pair of slippers.

But which is the best hot hatchback; the better driver's car? Join Dan Prosser and Matt Prior on some great roads as they find out.


Volkswagen Golf R 

Honda Civic Type R

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21 September 2017

Golf has four wheel dirve specifically for wet weather, and yet not a word about wet weather performance. I can hear Matt already saying "we didn't have rain for the test", well wait for some. Now the test is over and we wont know the advantages on a wet drive likely for a year or more. 

Civic r has "the thrill of driving" great, so did last years hot hatch champ the Golf Clubsport s, - which incidentally has the second best ring time- how do these two compare for thrills?

The giant blind spot in the rear of the Civic, how does that work out?

21 September 2017

The Honda review mentions the road quality as being lino smooth everywhere. I dont think he tried very hard as my varied experience on German roads is that they can be even worse than the UK!

21 September 2017

Evidently there really is a marked difference between the suspension settings in the Honda. Comfort actually giving a smooth ride, sport way harder and track a truly hard ride. And most testers appear to agree that comfort is the best setting for the road - as it's evidently smooth yet controlled.


21 September 2017

In 5 door dsg with metalic, a wheel upgrade, keyless go, rear camera and a few other bits and pieces is 39k. A bit more than I thought one would be. Still with cloth seats and without the upgraded nav.  Its a car for all seasons but you could get something a lot more refined for similar money say a 340i touring.

22 September 2017
Jer - I'm not sure who pays full list price these days. Car brokers offer up good discounts. And to be honest, a fair few on the roads are leased because the offers are so strong.

The type r is ruled out for me, just through looks alone. It's vile.

22 September 2017

There has to be a more through and well thought out road test of these cars somewhere. I fear auto journalism has been reduced to mere sound bites of context free bullet points. Sad state of affairs in the last years of high performance road cars. J

23 September 2017

I've seen the video, this is a hot hatch contest where the CTR is the better handling, more visceral car, yet the GR wins? May as well have entered a Corolla into this contest.

24 September 2017

Even with subtitles trying to follow what was said in this video made my head hurt. Prosser works in front of a camera - the guy with glasses, although entertaining to read, is mumbling way too much to make sense. If I remember correctly he made the same mistake in another video from a few years back. 

24 September 2017

Both amazing cars. How lucky are we to live in an era where old supercar performance is available to the masses. 

For me the decision turns on looks alone. If you like the Honda's showiness, buy the Honda. If you prefer the German techno sharp suit of the golf, buy the golf.

if you can really sense/use the difference on the road, you should be driving for Ferrari.


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