10 September 2021

When London-based muscle car importer Clive Sutton offered us a drive in its latest modified offering, the Ford Mustang CS850GT, the only thing to do was to organise a welcoming party involving Silverstone’s Stowe Circuit and a bit of friendly competition in the form of a similarly tricked-up Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Most rivals would have wilted in the face of this mighty tuned Mustang’s 850bhp and 665lb ft of torque; but owner Gary Hanzer’s specially supercharged Camaro develops 770bhp itself. Both of these cars would do supercar-rivalling dragstrip standing-quarter-mile times.

But which would be the more usable daily-driver? Which has more bleeding-heart V8 drama and soul? And, most importantly, which would you choose? Let Autocar testers Matt Prior and Richard Lane be your guides.

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shiftright 10 September 2021

The Camaro looks like it has been drinking and hasn't slept in a long time

artill 10 September 2021

Wonderful machines.

My choice would be the Camaro, but with the manual box. I also cant help thinking both cars might have been better just as they left the factory. 

There are thoughts the Camaro will get more power from the factory before it goes away if 650 BHP are not enough, but if you can live with LHD and have the funds i hard to see anyone regretting it