7 September 2017

The Ford Focus RS has a drift mode. The Toyota GT86 is a naturally drifty kind of car. But which, with some subtle modifications, is the driftiest of them all?

This Ford Focus RS comes with a Mountune power kit, giving the Focus yet more power to make the most of its fancy 'Drift Mode'.

The Toyota GT86 we've got here comes with an adjustable damper kit - which can make the front suspension incredibly soft and the rear incredibly firm - to try and make this one-off Initial D-inspired GT86 even more sideways.

Join our tame drivers, Mauro Calo, a former drift world record holder, and Matt Prior, "the worst car reviewer on the internet", as they find out which 'drift mode' really does the business.

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nicebiscuit 7 September 2017

Dammit you're right about it being 50bhp short

Must get that turbo fitted to mine...  But if the track had been damp you could get all the lairy power oversteer fun you want...  Also worth noting that the tyres on those glorious Watanabe replicas on that initial D car are slightly wider than stock.

No surprise a Focus RS can see it off - hell a Fiesta ST can (and would be closer in character), but would I swap?   No....  Having too much fun going slowly sideways...