11 November 2013

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is claimed - by its maker - to be the most fun mid-engined V8 Ferrari ever. And that's some claim if you look back through the firm's catalogue. This latest incarnation of the 458, the most focussed yet, costs £208,000, makes 597bhp, revs to 9000rpm and weighs 90kg less than the standard car.

It also has a new manettino setting that allows the driver to go sideways with the ESP still engaged. It is, by any stretch, a truly great supercar. But can it deliver on the promise of being more fun than an F40? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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Ofir 12 November 2013

Yes but

Yes, but even you will agree the gap between Ferrari and Porsche is not as large as between Porsche and Nissan in terms of brand or driving satisfaction for that matter.
bezor Ta 18 November 2013

Yes but

Yes I do agree on the gap between Nissan and Porsche but GTR is more of a Godzilla than a Nissan. It has earned it's reputation of being extraordinary. Porsche produces great cars and is a great brand but no royalty.
bezor Ta 12 November 2013

Worth twice the GT3

Yes it is. It's like when Porsche enthusiasts say Nissan GTR is nowhere near as good as a Porsche even if it's as fast, because it's just a Nissan. Well, Porsche is no Ferrari. Even if GT3 would be as fast it's still just a Porsche. And nowhere as beautiful as this Ferrari.
Ofir 11 November 2013

Amazing car but

A question: is it worth twice the GT3? We are told its so good that it cant be far behind.