28 June 2017

This is the Elemental RP1, and all-new track-focused sports car from the UK.

Powered by a turbocharged Ford engine, mounted in the middle, the Elemental is a deadly serious sports car, with shed loads of downforce and a hugely high-tech chassis.

We get under the skin of it and test it flat out on road and track, to see if it justifies its lofty price tag.

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bowsersheepdog 29 June 2017

One obvious fault

The car appears to be something pretty special but they've short-changed it by putting in a Ford engine. It would be a wise move if they offer the option of choosing an alternative.
Ravon 29 June 2017

I'm sorry !

I'm sorry but this is a really special car, where was Matt Prior ? I'm really interested, spend a lot of my retirement doing track days, ( 44 to date in the Cayman GT4 ). The Elemental deserved a video test by a journalist and driver of Matt's Experience and depth of knowledge in my view.
Peter Cavellini 29 June 2017

Just great!?

Well,I guess it does what it says on the Tin,but,that price,I know that was a development Car,but,it does look pretty basic,I guess the money is in the materials used to build it.