18 May 2014

It's the battle of the performance coupes as BMW's new M4 takes on the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Can the M4's turbocharged 425bhp six-cylinder petrol engine compare to the 6.2-litre V8 of the C63 AMG? Steve Sutcliffe has the keys to both, and he's about to find out.

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hoangvanti 10 June 2014


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Jay76 18 May 2014

BMW M4 vsC63 AMG

Great review as always from Steve however just one thing missing…..where was the drag race??
BillGreen0_0 16 May 2014

Hanging onto my '63

I've had a C63 from new, arrived Feb 2012. My options were:

M3 - would've been my third one, so - No.
911C4S - perfect, apart from when I need to carry stuff, so that was a no, too (with tantrums from me).
E63 AMG - looks like a dog's dinner and thanks to twin-turbos, can hardly hear it. No no no!

For the best mix practicality and a pure-fun visceral driving experience, it was a resounding victory for the C63, the loud one, so I threw the kitchen sink at Mercedes and spec'd it up.

Well, 2 years, 3 months in, with 26,000 trouble-free miles and not a single one of them dull, I see no reason whatsoever to regret my choice any more than I see a reason to change it for an M4 or something else, especially as the next '63 will be another soulless twin turbo. Doesn't matter how much more BHP it or anything else has - the current '63 has more than enough. The person who commented that these cars will be missed when they're gone is absolutely right - its the last of a kind and is surely headed for classic car status

The reviewer in the video says the gearbox doesn't down change when you need it to - thats wrong - its a question of timing it properly and it takes practice. And when you do practice, leave the stereo off, as you'll have fun mastering it, I promise you, especially when you get the exhaust crackle on the down change! This car can wake the dead, so any departed relatives you wish to contact here you go….

If anyone is going to buy one, finding an example with the factory-fit LSD is a wise move. There are a few around, excluding mine of course, which is a keeper!

God, I love this thing….