18 May 2014

It's the battle of the performance coupes as BMW's new M4 takes on the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Can the M4's turbocharged 425bhp six-cylinder petrol engine compare to the 6.2-litre V8 of the C63 AMG? Steve Sutcliffe has the keys to both, and he's about to find out.

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14 May 2014
Because some journalist who I've never met and who was testing it in a way that I will never use the car said it doesn't sound nice. So I'll stick with the Metro even though I'm a potential buyer for these cars really.

14 May 2014
Or go read some other website rather than constantly whinging about everything.

Shame the Mercedes still has issues with the gearbox after all this time, need to fit the BMW one it for the perfect package.

Will be interesting to see how the new C63 does as that is also turbocharged and maybe has the same box.

I think the C63 will be more and more missed after it has gone.

14 May 2014
Steve, you are comparing the new model M-car with the last gen AMG-car. The new C63 AMG will also have turbo charging and a smaller engine. The last gen M3 had a NA V8 with a great sound track. But times change. So the new M4 has a better chassis, gearbox, economy and ride and as fast with 75hp and 44lb ft less. The C63 AMG has a better sound and a bit better steering. If the sound is a deal breaker for you then why not get last years M3 with V8?
Would a new sportier exhaust system make you feel better?

14 May 2014
I was looking forward to this review but left very disappointed. Not helped by poor language skills throughout the video. As much as car manufacturers need to modernise their products, so should car journalists.

If I wanted to watch a pointless video of cars going sideways and grown men driving like the Saxo types we all hate then I would start watching Top Gear again. Sad to see such a self indulgent video on Autocar.

Fuel economy, taxation, cost etc all matter to everyone.

Autocar, and especially Steve Sutcliffe, are better than this.

14 May 2014
So I suppose you would prefer a review of these cars going up and down the M1? Or maybe you're so disappointed with Steve's review because he didn't mention each cars boot space? You know the sort of things that are important to the average buyer of 400+ Horsepower rear wheel drive coupes...

I'm not Sutcliffe's number one fan but this review told me just about everything I needed to know about these performance cars. Sure the M4's 34 mpg is impressive but if 12 odd mpg less means I can't afford to run a C63 I probably shouldn't be looking at spending £60k odd pounds on an M4 either.

The sound of the car is inherently important in the experience of driving such a car. And important to note, Steve did not say the M4 is rubbish in any way. It is a deeply impressive car but the emotive qualities of the AMG just about won the day for him. I dare say if he was comparing a 435i to a C350 or a 420d to a C250d (where emotional qualities are less important) then the decision may have gone BMW's way.

Excellent review in my opinion.

14 May 2014
I am glad you found the review informative.

If it is ok with you, if I am allowed, I have a different opinion. No need to be rude.


14 May 2014
When it comes down to it, why do these companies make cars such as these, other than for middle-aged men to prat about in living their teenage dreams? So for my two-penneth worth, the video was made to measure.

14 May 2014
Fair point. I guess some cars in ranges are there to lift the whole brand image perhaps.

I guess in the diesel fuelled world, it is nice to see a place for performance petrol engines too and maybe turbo charging is the right way. Like with F1, the debate about sound is something that will always divide opinion. It will be interesting to see what AMG do next.

I think there are people who prefer BMWs to Mercs & vice versa, those who would only ever buy a 911 if they had £60k plus to spend and the sensible people who don't care and would rather do something else with their money than plough it into a depreciating asset. But where is the fun in that? :-)

14 May 2014
The M3/4 simply doesn't cut it and I am clearly not the only one who thinks this...the C63 AMG would be for me every time, except that I have instead put my deposit down on a Maserati which sounds even better..;-) Live and learn dude...

15 May 2014
You've put your deposit down on a Maserati without having even looked at an M4 in the flesh? You're relying on a video of someone you've never met driving the car and you think this is 'learning'? Did you bother to look at a C63 too?


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