29 June 2016

BMW has made some of the finest driver's cars in the world during its 100-year history, but which is the best of all time?

Matt Prior and Andrew Frankel headed to Goodwood for a drive and a chat. There's plenty to choose from the Munich manufacturer's illustrious history: the 328, Z8, 3.0 CSL 'Batmobile', 2002 turbo and i8.

But in the end, we boiled it down to just two. So, which is best: the M1 or the E30 M3?

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david RS 30 June 2016

E36 M3.

E36 M3.
Ektor 29 June 2016

Fabulous couple, but I have an additional proposal: M635csi

At one point in the conversation it's said that the M3 was the first "regular" M car. Not so, it was the M635csi when in 1984 the M division stuffed their glorious 24-valve 3.5 litre in-line 6 from the M1 under the bonnet of the company's GT, upped the hardware (chassis and seats mostly) and created this glorious hard-core GT, bordering on a sports car. It would rival 928s and 911s for pace and comfort, and the steering, throttle, suspension tuning and the beautiful sound coming from under the bonnet at 6000rpm were oh-so-right. Besides, you could power oversteer all day long on those TRXs with the limited-slip if you felt naughty. For me this defines BMW's best driver's car. PS. I've driven both the e30 M3 and M635csi long and hard and stick to this. The M3 is brilliant, but the not particularly good sounding and peaky 4 cylinder just doesn't cut it as the best BMW for me, it's gotta be an i-6.