8 February 2017

This is no ordinary Audi TT RS review. We've taken Audi's new hottest Audi TT coupe and pitched it against the hottest hatchbacks, the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Ford Focus RS.

We've taken the trio to a low-grip handling circuit at Oulton Park, to find out which of these 4wd heroes best puts down its power, and which is the most fun. Join Matt Saunders for our ultimate all-weather sports car review.

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reddo 9 February 2017


Affordable supercar? Really at £51800 before options...I think not. I really love the car, mostly on the styling (a nice return to closer to the original) and the exhaust note but the interior style is not that of a £52k car. I have had a lot of RS cars (my RS6 was £53k new!) but one would need to wait for this to get down to £30-35k to make it VFM IMHO. Oh, and what was with the dopey music during the timed run - missed out on hearing the 5-pot there - and I thought you were car guys...
289 9 February 2017

@ Matt Saunders

Just a tip Matt, it may have been cold (or you were nervous) but stop wringing your hands like Arthur Daley eyeing up a pile of 'readies'! :-)
Bill Lyons 9 February 2017

Arfur Daley

"You know me, Terry, I can stand anything - except pain."