11 April 2018

This is the new Aston Martin Vantage, the latest model in Aston's resurgence. It's a brawny two-seat sports car with an aluminium substructure, and a 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged AMG V8 engine under the hood that powers the rear wheels.

If that, plus the 50:50 weight distribution, sounds like a pretty sweet handling set-up, you should see how the Vantage smokes its tyres around the Portimao race circuit. But it's a roadgoing sports car, too, so we've tested it thoroughly on decent roads as well as on track. Plus we take a look deep under its skin, in the most in-depth Vantage video online.

Aston wants it to be better than a Porsche 911? Can it manage that seemingly implausible feat?

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jelly7961 19 April 2018

Gosh it is ugly though

From making some of the most beautiful cars ever they make this. Hideous in my opinion. Look like something that a Tesla aborted

jl4069 18 April 2018

Question really comes down to

How will this handle compared to a 911. We know the 911 has been honed now to where it is safe and predictable but the question is is the Vantage even more neutral more forgiving more biddable than the 911? Now that we finally have both an optimized rear engine car and now a front engine one (which it seems we have not had from any maker for a good long while!) how will they compare on a really challenging road. J

Gargae Man 13 April 2018

Aston V Porsche

I drove past a new Porsche Carrera(parked) today and mentally compared this to the Aston and thought,they are totally different cars,in design and concept.There is a mismatch and I wonder who concieved the Porsche comparison,the media?The first thing you notice is the size and the fact that the Porsche just keeps refining a proven shape.I went on an Aston Martin club drive with a friend who has,and still does,aV8 Vantage.Once lunch was over,I don't drink,he threw the keys to me and said enjoy,drive home,100KM's(60 miles).I was amazed at the engineering and ability of this car to handle a wonderful winding,part open straights type road with such aplomb.I drove at a non owners rate,fast but not stupid,only to be past by a member in his 4door Aston at warp factor 9,glorious.I digress.If money was no object I would buy both, simply because they provide a different type of enjoyment,stawberrrys and cream(on top) or strawberry and cream(on the bottom),cream that is.