4 March 2015

Autocar presents the star cars of the Geneva motor show, including Bentley's EXP 10 Speed 6, Aston Martin's shock DBX and Vulcan, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Ferrari's 488 GTB. Matt Prior is your guide.

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Matt Prior

Matt Prior
Title: Editor-at-large

Matt is Autocar’s lead features writer and presenter, is the main face of Autocar’s YouTube channel, presents the My Week In Cars podcast and has written his weekly column, Tester’s Notes, since 2013.

Matt is an automotive engineer who has been writing and talking about cars since 1997. He joined Autocar in 2005 as deputy road test editor, prior to which he was road test editor and world rally editor for Channel 4’s automotive website, 4Car. 

Into all things engineering and automotive from any era, Matt is as comfortable regularly contributing to sibling titles Move Electric and Classic & Sports Car as he is writing for Autocar. He has a racing licence, and some malfunctioning classic cars and motorbikes. 

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Geoffrey Jackson 5 March 2015

Praise where it is due...

Firstly and quite sincerely thank you for a really neat report. 2015 will be another good year for petrol-heads.

Well done to Aston Martin for finally showing that there is more in their design office than a row of computers and photocopiers working out ways to rearrange existing designs and present them as novelties. But not well done for giving up on long-term investment in conventional power-plants. Other manufacturers used to admire Aston Martin engines well before AMG was even an idea, and now they have meekly taken position behind AMG. Not good, and no praise is due on that point.

Particularly as another recent arrival, when compared with Aston Martin, has driven straight into the lead group in sports and ultra-sports cars, being, of course, McLaren. How Aston Martin are paying for not having a Ron Dennis running the show! Instead they have a shambolic management story. It always seems that at any moment someone could announce that Aston Martin had finally, finally, run out of money.

Finally, praise is due for Bentley realising that developing a real sports car on the same base as the VW Phaeton would not take them very far without producing something far too close to an Audi or a Lamborghini. A very promising prototype/concept, and very, very Bentley. One for another successful return to Le Mans?

Yes indeed, a very inspiring eleven minutes. Thank you