8 December 2017

Alpine is back, so the hashtag goes. The Alpine A110 is the first product of the reborn French sports car company, and it's special: it has a new, all-aluminium architecture, with its engine in the middle, driving the rear wheels, and it weighs less than 1100kg.

Those are sensational statistics and they make the Alpine A110 sensational to drive. It's great fun on road or circuit, but there is a catch: at nearly £50,000, it's as expensive as a Porsche 718 Cayman. Can it match the Porsche to look at, sit in and, crucially, to drive? Find out in this comprehensive review.

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BeamMeUpScotty 19 December 2017

Cayman rival or not...

...this modern reiteration of the legendary A110 (it would have been better though an A180 badge?) is very well designed and engineered for a lightweight, not hyper-powerful but rewarding to drive and still affordable sportscar - ahem, relatively affordable.

Only personal regret: it s not a 2+2, like its ancestor -- albeit this was 38 cm shorter. 

david RS 18 December 2017

Is it the good compromise

Is it the good compromise between weight and versatility ?

The Alfa 4C and Lotus are lighter but they are not quite versatile. The Cayman is perhaps more complte in terms of equipements, but heavier and has lost its nice engines.

Long live Alpine !

Rowhider 11 December 2017

A110 vs 718

A direct comparison between the new A110 and the Cayman 718: cost sheet in Euros


At the same level of equipement, the Cayman cost 80k€ and less 60k€ for the A110...