24 August 2017

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is a stunning return to form from the Italian marque, with its monster 503bhp V6 engine that can achieve 0-62mph in 3.9secs and hit 190mph. But is it a better super saloon to drive and own than the 444bhp BMW M3 Competition Pack?

Autocar’s Matt Prior reckons so, but Dan Prosser disagrees. We sent the pair to argue it out - on some of the finest driving roads in Wales.

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Juzoik 25 August 2017

so where is the C63 AMG in all this?

I'm pretty i read a review or two where the Merc came out on top. So I'm about curious why it's not even mentioned in this video. 

Peter Cavellini 4 September 2017


Because it was a comparison of these two,but,I agree,especially when you consider that the Alfa could cost over £70K with options....?

jer 25 August 2017


Really good video. In the spirit of forum criticism can I ask whats the point of testing these 500ps cars on cart tracks in Wales? I know the roads give a chassis a work out but not much else.

Ravon 25 August 2017

Brilliant work !

Congratulations, really splendid video .