14 July 2020

The 2020 Polestar 2 is Polestar's first full battery electric vehicle. It follows the (imaginatively named) Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid, but is a rather more accessible and practical saloon (or sedan, depending on where you live prefer).

The 2 costs around £46,000 in the UK, and its two motors give it a total of 402bhp - so it's able to take on fast versions of the Tesla Model 3. A 0-62mph time of just 4.7sec means it has acceleration to spare. And its range is a very competitive 292 miles.

We loved the Polestar 1, and there are similar nerdy, geeky bits in the Polestar 2's suspension as well. But how will it stack up against its 2020 EV competitors like the Tesla Model 3, or even Audi's E-tron?

Join Autocar's Matt Saunders as he finds out.

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14 July 2020

This chinese built car, better than a Tesla? I don't even know why such a reputable website like Autocar would buy into this type of hype.This car is filled with botnets to be used by China to spy on people.Give it a miss, buy the I-Pace or wait till teslas start rolling out of Germany. 

14 July 2020

If Tesla builds cars in Europe it doesn't mean they'll be of a better build quality. The design is flawed from the start. Millions have bought into the Tesla hype.

P.S. I'm not a fan of Chinese built cars but at least the Polestar was designed by experienced engineers in Sweden.

15 July 2020

Lol "experienced" swedish engineers.This is a chinese built car made from chinese minds and chinese muscle.  

25 July 2020

actually duh it is sweedish


just their factory is in china

15 July 2020

But it's certainly about a million times better looking.

15 July 2020

... probably has much to do with it's all steel construction. Steel is cheaper relatively speaking than composite materials but the flaw is more weight.

20 July 2020
Though I'm a Tesla fan, I really hope this car does well. The more EVs that we have the better.

29 July 2020

Wouldn't have a Tesla, would have one of these. If I were in the market, which I'm not.

8 September 2020
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14 September 2020

Xi needs the taxes this cars going to provide, how else will they be able to afford abusing human rights?

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