2 December 2016

The seventh-generation Ford Fiesta has been revealed as part of an extended range that features a new Fiesta Active crossover model for the first time.

We speak to Ernst Reim, chief of interiors for Ford in Europe, to learn about the new model and its much-improved cabin.

Let us know in the comments below, are the looks an improvement on the previous Fiesta?

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3 December 2016
So for now at least, the interior is a place of refinement. Come another five years when Ford releases the ST variant, the motoring press will regard the cabin more as a trailer park rather than a five star hotel.

3 December 2016
Oh joy, another 'any colour you like as long as it's black' Ford interior. Please tell me lighter shades are available. And the dash detailing now looks very Peugeot: IS that a good thing?

3 December 2016
That's possibly as Amko Leenharts, Ford Interior manager (now in Dearborn) came from PSA in 2012-ish. He also bought the screen-separation philosophy first seen in 208, that Ford are finally putting into practice.

3 December 2016
The current Fiesta is already the best in class, and by quite a margin. Yet Ford seems to have improved it in every way. As long as the price doesn't blow out this new Fiesta will be pure WIN.

5 December 2016
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9 January 2017
Best in class for oh-so-sweet handling yes, but no-one would ever say the current Fiesta has the best interior in the class. The new model looks a major step forward. Let's hope the handling stays as good as it is now - good fun but surprisingly comfortable.

5 January 2017
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