15 May 2015

Matt Prior takes to the wheel of this American icon to see whether Ford's latest incarnation can take on the Europeans on their home turf. With a 415 bhp naturally aspirated V8 to get the heart pulsing and a price to get your head thinking, is this sixth generation a true successor to the original that sold in its millions?

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15 May 2015
The video wont play on the Autocar site, but i watched it on youtube. the car looks great, and sounds good too. I like this more 'real world' test too. Watching cars smoke their tyres isnt really clever, and certainly not what any of us do with out own cars. The review could easily be longer and more detailed too......By the way, does anyone know why the V8 loses 20 hp crossing the Atlantic?

16 May 2015
You reviews are more realistic to every day owners as artill posted above but....could you please sound as if you can be bothered to do the review in the first place. you have a great job but you sound so unenthusiastic about everything. Also the V8 loses 20 hp crossing the Atlantic because it's a long way and it gets tired en route :)Other than that good review just more feeling please, or get me to review the cars in future.

16 May 2015
Ok he spent some time justifying the size and weight, nice gear box, it rides as it should, the interior is less than premium, and it's a bargain for a 5 litre v8. Just how well does it ride? How engaging is it? Apart from interior, any indication how well it stacks up against the likes of Jaguar, BMW, Aston Martin? Matt looked as if he could've caught up with some sleep on that drive. Does that mean it's a good GT?

17 May 2015
Irrespective of Matt's short 4 minute opinion on the Car, i still feel disappointed about the Mustang,to me,it looks like a Ford Car with a badge of yesteryear stuck on it!,the hotter versions which Uncle Sam have are more like it,but,here, they'd cost M3 money+,but,1200 people have already signed on the dotted for one,will be interesting to here from them next year on their purchase.


18 May 2015
Less dramatic presenter. Car really interesting. I wonder how depreciation will fare, still as many forget lower purchase helps. Is there a bit of a stigma with this type of car? I know American friends would laugh that it's if not a college car blue collar. I just specified a nice grey 5.0 on black wheels looks much better than that yellow one on old fashioned wheels.

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