7 November 2015

We all know the fastest bikes are faster than the fastest cars, right? But what about if you're behind the wheel of a 1200bhp Nissan GT-R, tuned by Litchfield?

We headed to the drag strip to find out how it would fare against an equally special superbike, run by RC Express Racing. This is no ordinary Kawasaki ZX-10R, as it has been tuned by MSS Performance to have 205bhp. Even so, with no launch or wheelie control, our rider has got his work cut out.

So, can the brute force of the car overcome the featherweight advantage of the bike? Watch on to find out...

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Glassboy 22 November 2015

GTR vs Kawasaki

In many ways this was a complete waste of time, as simple mathematics would have predicted the result. What's the weight of the bike? 150 to 200 kilos? A GTR is about 1650 kilos in standard trim, do the maths and the result was always going to be blindingly obvious. However in terms of lap times the story would have been totally different with a hot Caterham on a tight track, the car would murder the bike.
Leslie Brook 9 November 2015


I understand the law of diminishing returns, but the "1200bhp" GTR was less than a second quicker over the quarter mile than a standard car with less than half the power. Is it worth the hassle?
Peter Cavellini 8 November 2015


What did we expect?,of course the Bike would win,ideal conditions or not.