4 April 2016

The time has come: we’ve had our first go behind the wheel of Porsche’s new 718 Boxster, and here is the video to prove it.

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In standard form, the 2016 Boxster 718 gets a turbocharged 2.0-litre flat-four unit that produces 296bhp, but the car we’re testing here, a Boxster S, uses a 350bhp 2.5-litre four-pot. It’s both more powerful and frugal than the old car’s flat-six, and its more compact size means it’s lighter too. The results make for faster performance figures and fewer visits to the fuel pump. Happy days.

But the real question is this: how does ditching two cylinders and using forced induction affect the Boxster 718’s character? Will we miss the old flat-six’s wail, or will the added grunt of the new turbo-four make the 2016 car a more exciting car to drive?

Autocar’s head of video Matt Prior aims to answer these questions and more in our latest video. You can view it above. Once you’ve watched it let us know what you think; has the Boxster lost its charm or do you think Porsche has created another class-leading sports car?

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4 April 2016
I wonder what in 50 years or so people will have done to keep one of them - nothing like this collection which has to be one of the best in the world enjoy these very special cars and oh those colour schemes - none of which would go down well today unfortunately - must admit they do "add" something to those cars and would brighten up our roads!

what's life without imagination

4 April 2016
Some of those rear bumpers are very impressive. Great collection of cars! As for the Boxster, I love it. Admittedly, the lack of "sound" is a little disappointing. Not that is be foolish enough to compare the two, but I have a new 1.8 turbo Polo GTI. The only thing that disappoints me about the car is the lack of "noise". Apparently, I could have paid more to have fake engine noises played through the speakers. No thanks. Not sure what it is about the noise a powerful car makes that people like. I was out for a run tonight and someone went by in a Maserati GT. That sounded epic!

4 April 2016
is sure gonna take some getting used too. Not sure I like it. It reminds me of something in GTA 5. Better video and sound on Cheeky Cars7.

4 April 2016
£ 15,000 ?

4 April 2016
@david RS, is that the cost of the tit and face job for your missus?

4 April 2016
The only sound I hear is the sweet sound of progress. Now all the Boxster/718 needs is some character.

4 April 2016
It's like F1. Faster lap times but the drama is gone.


5 April 2016
Technology and engineering make possible the same (or better) performance using fewer cylinders, smaller engine displacement, with the added advantages of better MPG & lower CO2. V8, V12 etc. used to mean power and the aural pleasure from large engines is no more than the association with performance. But in 2016 a silent Tesla can achieve as much performance using zero moving parts. While the VW group is developing such efficient machines as this Boxster, it's incomprehensible that it also indulges itself in the heavy complex W16 of the Bugatti.

5 April 2016
Hot hatch engine for £££££'s...No Thanks

5 April 2016
I find the MX5 more than fast enough for driving on roads, and probably more fun as you can use more of it more of the time. As James May once said - all the sensation and excitement of speed without the cost of actually having any. The only reason for considering a Boxster would be the 6-cyl engine (just the noise really), as the additional performance is pointless in the real world. Therefore a four cylinder Boxster is pointless.


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