27 June 2018

The Jaguar XE SV Project 8 is not only the most hardcore Jaguar saloon ever - it’s arguably the most extreme four-door car ever built.

Autocar’s Dan Prosser puts the 592bhp Project 8 through its paces on Portimao circuit to find out if there’s more to the car than big power and big wings.

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27 June 2018
Gave up watching that after a couple of minutes. Just another excuse for AC's road testers to crack one off over another JLR product. It's a fuxxing bespoke race car FFS, of course it'll be faster here, there, anywhere than a production car. That it lapped the ring only 11 seconds faster than a QV simply shows just how good that car is. Typical JLR bullshit.

27 June 2018

This Jag is a very big and heavy car, no amount of editorailizing can get aorund this. It really sounds lot like a heavier and bigger GTR; with less power and less agility. This is a great road going sedan and it needs to be written up this way, it is too bad it has not been. j

28 June 2018
What is the point of a £150k+ fast four door saloon with no back seats? (Other than free advertising). They should just be honest and weld the back doors shut as part of the track pack. Who is going to buy such a ridiculously compromised car?

JLR should have put their investment and energy into developing an actual viable competitor for the M4, Alfa QV or C63 instead of this utterly idiotic machine.

28 June 2018
is it a new product?

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29 June 2018

 Does it cost more than the next M3 or the Guila quadrifoglio ( I think I spelt right)?, if it does, then no thanks I’ll have the BMW, goes less wrong than the BMW!

Peter Cavellini.

29 June 2018


Peter Cavellini.

21 July 2018

Oh dear, "M3 a reps car",  makes the rest of the german hot rods a bit pedestrian!

Yes expensive because only 300 being made.

You can have back seats if you so wish.

Size and weight not likely to be much different to M3.

Whats not to like?



24 July 2018

The fact its crap like most Jag products?

24 July 2018

Things a bit slow at your Audi/BMW/MB Dealership today? Quntify your statement please

29 October 2018

cool car nd bike


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