28 April 2016

One is the new king of the hot hatches, the other is the greatest M car for a generation - but which would you choose?

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In this week’s Autocar magazine we pit two of 2016’s most wanted cars against each other for the ultimate showdown in Wales, but there can only be one winner.

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28 April 2016
Being 15 grand cheaper and Ford being Autorcar's favourite brand - next to JLR of course - I think it's safe bet they picked the Focus.

28 April 2016
Both great cars and I'd be happy to own either, but I'm not convinced they'd be attracting the same buyers. The £15k price difference would see to that for many people if nothing else.

28 April 2016
I agree both fantastic cars and I think you're right that buyers generally from a different pool. Not me though, I'd happily own either, or both (if the wife allowed). M2 with RS recaros would be perfect.

28 April 2016
That mpg on the RS, 40 seconds into the clip, looks dire. Not entirely sure what "Trip Computer 2" is but neither the 14.1mpg or 5mpg it shows is encouraging. That £15,000 saving could help with the fuel bills.

28 April 2016
V8 Mustang

Drops the mic.

29 April 2016
You pay your money,you make your choice,much though the RS handles,it's quality of fit and finish are to a price,the main dials are a bit naff,like they are out of any Ford you care to name,and, in the brief video,more of bodywork flexes,whereas the M2 looks rock solid inside and out,makes a better noise too!

Peter Cavellini.

30 April 2016
The Ford is equal quality, better engineered, faster, cheaper, more useful, and nobody thinks you're a wanker for driving a Ford.

30 April 2016
Jason......Making comments like that is a sure fire way to make this person think you are a w****r

30 April 2016
Agreed. The point of both these cars is that they're for people who like driving. If you're someone who cares that much about what other people think of you because of the car you drive you're on the wrong thread, in fact you're on the wrong website. As for the Ford being faster, that's simply inaccurate.

30 April 2016
Probably the 235i. Nicer looking. Plenty fast. Spend the money I save on petrol.


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