28 April 2016

One is the new king of the hot hatches, the other is the greatest M car for a generation - but which would you choose?

Read our Ford Focus RS review

In this week’s Autocar magazine we pit two of 2016’s most wanted cars against each other for the ultimate showdown in Wales, but there can only be one winner.

Read our BMW M2 review

To find out the result, pick up your copy here.

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jason_recliner 4 May 2016


These are things I care about. Not soft cabin plastics which rot if exposed to the sun after the warranty has expired. YMMV.
bowsersheepdog 8 May 2016

Left wondering

OK. You've told us what you think of BMW buyers. And now you've ruled out Fords. So what do you like?
bezor Ta 2 May 2016


Actually Focus RS is not that useful. When Autocar compared it to Golf R, they preferred to be in the R 9/10 of the time. The ONLY time they preferred the RS was when taking a curve. Problem with RS is the very harsh ride, even in comfort mode, and the cabin is not exactly a nice place to be, at least compared to the competition. So, there is a reason why RS is so cheap. But I guess teenagers or low 20:s won't mind a harsh ride or the cabin quality.
jason_recliner 1 May 2016

The irony is delicious!

People pay for BMWs almost entirely BECAUSE they care about what people think of them! Hahahhaaaa! Sheep - gotta love 'em. Baaaaaaaaaa!
NF001 1 May 2016

Would be great to see the

Would be great to see the research behind your conclusion on the buying decisions of the millions of people globally who buy a bmw each year. Maybe you could also enlighten us with your thoughts on Audi and Porsche buyers.

I've never bought or owned a bmw - currently have a ford and renault so no brand snobbery here. But if I had the money I'd buy an M2, for the same reasons IMHO most people are interested in the M2, which has to do with the driving experience and not because of what people think of them.