14 June 2018

When Ferrari makes a track special of its mid-engined V8 supercar, it doesn’t tend to get it wrong. 

And so to the Ferrari 488 Pista, a car that, Ferrari says, has more motorsport in it than any of its other road cars. 

It has the engine and aerodynamics from the Ferrari 488 Challenge car, but, at 661bhp, it not only makes 50bhp more than the regular 488 GTB and 20% more downforce, it’s also up to 90kg lighter thanks to a widespread adoption of carbon fibre.

Does this mean, though, that it’ll have the measure of other low-volume, race-inspired cars like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Lamborghini Huracan Performante? Join us as we find out whether this is another Ferrari special that ticks every gorgeous box it should.

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14 June 2018

 Having driven three Supercars one after the other I’m cured!!, I no longer crave high speed on main Roads, I no longer try to keep up with faster Cars, I no see how easy i5 would be to have a big accident driving one of these Cars especially in cold Weather, the costs to run let alone own one is another factor, no, pterry they may be but I don’t get excited about then anymore....

Peter Cavellini.

14 June 2018

Peter, just be glad these things still exist. We'll be ambling around in soulless, electric touchscreens-on-wheels soon enough....

16 June 2018

Without - breaking the law, killing anyone, doing more miles than you are 'allowed', stressing the hell out of yourself (and your unlucky passenger), wrecking the car, or looking a complete knob?

Nowhere - apart from a circuit. Not that any of us will ever get the choice, all of these will already have spaces reserved in private underground Beverley Hills garages and pop star storage facilities in the home counties.

Having said all that, a Ferrari joined the M1 I was on the other day and accelerated past me at full chelp. Luckily I'd dropped my window in anticipation - spine tingling doesn't cover it.

16 June 2018

That things looks like an absolute HOOT!

19 June 2018

That is the question.  Whether a Noble in the lanes to race the Silver Arrows with outrageous power.  Or stick parts against a Seat Cupra and go posing outside Dixons.

Either way one cannot legally and safely enjoy the full potential available.  In fact, if one goes everywhere driving a basic eighty-five bhp supermini at eight-tenths of flat out, then one will find oneself overtaking most of everything else on the road.  So the idea that one would own a supercar with the intention of actually exploiting its capabilities is not going to appear anywhere on the list of reasons for wanting one.

A supercar is like a pair of expensive shoes.  They won't make one walk any faster, they won't keep one's feet any drier, they won't prevent one from tripping over broken pavement.  They simply give one a pleasant and contented feeling to wear, purely subjectively.  My expensive shoes of choice would be a 612 Scaglietti.  It's immensely pretty and would probably keep up with a supermini.

I don't need to put my name here, it's on the left


20 June 2018

They should rather do a 488 without turbo, lighter and with less power.


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