7 June 2019

Audi is the latest manufacturer to launch a premium EV, with this, the E-tron.

It goes up against the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes-Benz EQC and Tesla Model X, by being a large and expensive big electric SUV. At more than £70,000 in the UK this is a proper executive proposition, and at nearly 2.5 tonnes, it's clearly a substantial car.

Partly that's because of the weight of its 95kWh battery pack, which can be rapid-charged at up to 150kW, meaning you can, with the right output, get 80% of charge into it in half an hour - although home charging will obviously take rather longer.

Just how good is it, though? Join us as we discover what it's like inside and on the road.


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7 June 2019

These 2019 E-Tron and EQC have much lower range efficiency and performance than a 2012 Tesla S (and the 2015 X) ...they are effectively not even competitive to Tesla that are 7 years old...kind of embarrassing -  these Germans... 

7 June 2019

With the Audi and the Mercedes-Benz... and the Jaguar you will have a thorough network of workshops, that will sell you spare parts without asking for VIN & ownership titles, during those 7 or 4 years you will not face multiple DU failures, or multiple MCU failures, or FWD operating erratically or Automatic Wipers not functioning,... let alone having a stuttering CEO name calling the SEC or diving people helping others abroad with vehicle pricing changing every second or incentives coming and going for the only purpose of fraudesting customers or prospective customers.

Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, Daimler HQ are having a laugh to all this, they are even yet to start moving their ar%$# and Tesla is already making this poor show, the guys at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen/Flacht-Weissach are beyond celebration and the Spring-party of the Circuit de la Sarthe is yet to come!

8 June 2019

They will have to produce cars at Tesla volumes for a few years before we see how reliable the new entrants to EV manufacturing are. Agreed that Tesla have their moments with supply, spares & repairs, but it is difficult to think that every Audi, Merc & Jag dealer is going to hold a full range of spare when the first generation start going wrong. Nissan & Renault have been producing EVs in significant quantities for 8 years & still dealers & mechanics know nothing about them & spares are hard to get (though, fortunately, rarely needed). At least Tesla service centre technicians appear to be very well trained & motivated.

7 June 2019

The whole dieselgate cheating was embarrassing enough for Germans...now they want to make look even more ridiculous with their "competitive" EV showing with the EQC and the E-tron...its not 2012 anymore...you are a decade behind...

8 June 2019

N O T G O O D E N O U G H 



But Audi fanboys will no doubt buy them by the bucketload.

8 June 2019

I had a look around a couple of E-Trons at Fully Charged Live this weekend. Maybe didn't help that one was standing next to an I-Pace, but the Audi looked dull as dishwater. I was a bit surprised that even the interior looked pretty plain, only elevated by decent screens and (obviously) build quality.

The car might appeal to people who want to blend in, or are just super into Audis, but in my opinion it's by far the least desirable premium EV on sale to date.

On the other hand, I drove a BMW i3s around a track, and couldn't stop smiling. It's a very different size class, obviously, but shows how amazing an EV can be when it's lavished with smart thinking and innovative approaches. Both the Tesla and Jaguar have traces of this too, but the Audi not at all.

8 June 2019

@FRI2, @Thekrankis, @inkpen

I do not know you, but by the way you reply back, ignoring the facts and the reality, you either:

-want to dismiss any other EV not being a TESLA;

-you are a TESLA-fanboy.

The problem for you is that TESLA do not want to be an elite carmaker, like Ferrari or Bentley, their mission is to be the bread-and-butter EV maker, the leading one. For that, TESLA will had to be:

-a producer of impeccable finished cars (it isn't - cars delivered with missing bits, stained, scratched, malfunctioning, ...)

-a predictable product purveyor (it isn't - product specifications changing, pricing changing, delivery date unknown or delayed, ...)

-a value-for-money carmaker (it isn't - TESLA vehicles easily get totalled and the value of running ones sink heavily due to technological self-inflicted obsolescence: P85 how much worth now? Better value-for-money than EQC or I-Pace? Does your P85 get 120kW charging when paired next to a cheap Model 3?

-a brand with an integral service and repairs network that could keep up in what is needed outside the factory to support vehicles once sold (it isn't - if there were some recall or other repair that requires a) a replacement part, b) a large number of cars to have service, or worse c) all of the above, you brace yourself into appointements to schedule visits in 2, 3 months or more!) Do you know why and how the bread-and-butter carmakers (all of them) do just fine the way they do? They comply with all the above and have another thing TESLA doesn't: they have a built-in chain of parts suppliers (OEM) and even happen to have several, maybe dozens or hundreds of alternative parts suppliers feeding their approved service networks, independent service providers and any takers of their bussinesses.

Finally, JLR has sold already more than 3000 I-Pace in Netherlands and Audi with just April and May 2019 already passed 1000 e-tron sold in the USA. Both are just crap enough to entice buyers and for any of those EV cars they sell, is one less sell for TESLA, because you know, ICE cars is just one thing TESLA will never be making, granted.

9 June 2019

I am a Tesla fanboy, in so much I acknowledge what they have achieved since the 2011 release of the Model S. Part of what they have achieved is the Audi e-Tron (which means "turd" in French), the Jag iPace, Merc ETC, etc, etc. Tesla's stated mission was to disrupt other manufacturers into progressively abandoning ICE cars. It looks like Tesla will produce 450,000 cars this year, which is astounding from 10,000 a year just 5 years ago. I wouldn't buy one, unless I had enough money not to worry if it needed repairs, which they need to sort out in quality, cost & availability as there are too many horror stories - but then they are news, same as a couple of Teslas catching fire is news, even though ICE cars catch fire & incinerate the occupants with alarming regularity.

I wish the big manufacturers every success with their EVs & I hope they can eventually bring the prices down to ground. Battery supply seems to be the big problem now, with all the manufacturers scrambling for a limited supply - something Tesla sorted out early on, along with charging infrastructure. But then I'm a fanboy.

12 June 2019

Elon Musk just made fun of the E-tron at the Tesla shareholders meeting...”Poor Audi E-tron clearly has room for improvement “ as he and the audience laughed....comparing their performance figure...

12 June 2019

Why no comment by Autocar about the safety recall?.



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