20 October 2017

The hardcore Mercedes-AMG GT R is aimed squarely at the Porsche 911 GT3. For now, it's the most focussed performance car Mercedes-AMG builds - more power, less weight and a stiffer chassis setup make it faster and more athletic than lesser AMG GTs.

Mercedes-AMG GT R review 

But how does it cope with a bumpy British B-road, and is it completely out of its depth in wet weather? We spent two days on the best roads in South Wales finding out.  

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Hana 8 November 2017

nice video

this video shows the AMG GT R informations , the visual impact is great.

RPF 21 October 2017

Standard AMG, then

So just like every other AMG, then.  Porsche need not worry.

Dewie Jordaan 20 October 2017

Really Really!

I'm not one to rant or complain about much, if anything really...


I came here really excited to watch this review, but then things turned really really bad really quickly.


The overuse of "really" and "really really" is painful to say the least.  Why did the presenter feel the need to use "really" and "really really" seventy-twelve times?


Autocar can do better. Really.