The latest XC60 ought to be as close to a home run as Volvo has enjoyed under Geely’s ownership and in several important respects the SUV pays out on the initial promise.

Much like the larger XC90 it resemblesand the model it replaces – the car likely fits very neatly its buyers' concept of what a modern, premium-badged 4x4 should look, sound and feel like.

The right product at the right time, but wanting the right dynamic finish

But, in this trim level at least, Volvo has not successfully nailed the way such a machine ought to drive – and on optional air suspension, the deficiency compared to its rivals is too noticeable to make any recommendation of the XC60’s strengths particularly emphatic.

That’s unfortunate, and is obviously reflected in the modest star total; a result that a differently equipped version of the car may have exceeded.

Superior comfort, though, and an accommodating turn of speed are woven so intrinsically into the notion of a premium SUV that the measure of their shortfall is far-reaching.

This XC60 is close enough to genuinely good as to end up being likeable, but assuredly no nearer to compelling.


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