The Volvo C70 has one of the best-engineered hard-tops in the business. It’s a comfortable coupé-cabriolet, but one that lacks driver thrills.

The C70 is a good-looking, comfortable coupé-cabriolet, with a well-engineered folding top that’s a joy to watch in operation, even if it does affect boot space enormously.

There's much to offer fans of the brand

The performance won't set the road alight, regardless of the chosen engine, and the Geartronic gearbox should be avoided if possible. It’s not a particularly thrilling steer either, and the ride is occasionally troubled.

But there are plenty of buyers – many of them Volvo’s core market – who simply want a car that’s comfortable, oozes understated elegance both inside and out and is painless to own. So by looking beyond the C70’s dynamic shortcomings, there’s plenty to recommend.

There's just one snag. The C70's list price could see you sliding behind some very nice metal.

Whether you think that’s a price worth paying depends on how you view the brand.


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