Interior fit and finish is beyond criticism in the C70, but, although the cabin materials are respectable, some plastics and switches lack the extra edge of classiness or softness to cut it at the premium level. At first, it appears sparsely trimmed, but study it and you appreciate the clean sweep of the fascia, the subtle deployment of aluminium décor and Volvo's trademark floating console.

As with so many Volvos, though, it manages an ‘almost-premium’ feel without being totally convincing. The ergonomics are as good as we’ve come to expect from Volvo and the cabin’s lighting is wonderfully seductive.

The C70 is hushed at speed

The driving position is excellent, and there’s a huge range of adjustment on both the seat and steering wheel. The pedals are well spaced and nicely weighted, and the minor controls are well laid out. Due to the harshness of Scandinavian winters, Volvo develops switchgear to be easily operated by gloved hands.

Passengers, meanwhile, will find that there’s adequate space for two adults in the back, but legroom is a touch limited, and it feels a bit claustrophobic with the roof in place. With it shut, wind and road noise are kept to acceptable coupé-like levels. With it open, there’s little buffeting should you be in a front seat, even at motorway speeds, and an acceptable amount in the rear.


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