Versatile and fuel efficient MPV that lacks any driving excitement

What is it?

This is the Volkswagen Touran Bluemotion, with the mid-sized MPV having been called in for the eco treatment.

As with every other Bluemotion model, the Touran uses a range of small changes to make its ecological case, rather than complicated hybrid technology.

This means that longer gear ratios, a revised ECU, low rolling resistance tyres and lower suspension.

But unlike its larger brother the Sharan Bluemotion, the Touran Bluemotion also gets a modified undertray to help manage the airflow around the car and improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The SE model tested here definitely isn’t hair-shirt motoring however - it gets a decent kit count that includes VW’s impressively intuitive touch-screen infotainment system.

What’s it like?

The 103bhp direct-injection turbodiesel is as gruff as it is in its other VW group applications. It also doesn’t haul the Touran along with a great deal of vigour, and the long gearing further hinders rapid progress.

Having said that, performance is adequate, largely thanks to the fact that the Touran Bluemotion is, at 1482kg, the second lightest Touran variant.

As with other Bluemotion models, the ride quality suffers from the low rolling resistance tyres and the lowered suspension, always feeling jittery and brittle, especially around town.

The rest of the car is standard Touran fare, meaning secure handling, solid but leaden controls and unadventurous styling inside and out.

Should I buy one?

As a practical, economical car for a growing family, the VW Touran Bluemotion makes a lot of sense.

You’re most likely to choose a Touran with your head rather than your heart, and if you look at it that way, the Touran is the most sensible proposition in an eminently sensible range. Just don’t expect to fall in love with it.

Matt Rigby

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coolGav 26 November 2008

Re: Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion

Can't they (VW) do any better than this? The standard 7-seat Renault Grand Scenic gets the same mpg from a 1461cc 105bhp engine and is quicker too.

theonlydt 19 November 2008

Re: Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion

TegTypeR wrote:
school car park.
You mean the area of the local road within 20m of the school gates where mums triple park, speed, swear and generally are the worst drivers in the world? Most dangerous drivers on the road = school mums on the run. All the Bluemotions in the world aren't going to save you; especially when little Jonny could have just bloody walked instead! (I work in education and am therefore perfectly well placed to comment on parents' transport policies...)

TegTypeR 19 November 2008

Re: Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion

theonlydt wrote:
So, 5mpg better than the non-bluemotion. It will save you £25 in tax this year, rising to £60 in 3 years time. Is that really worth the drop in performance (0.7s to 60), the rise in price and the awful effect on ride quality?

But, if you are that way inclined, imagine the green kudos in the school car park.


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