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Wagon puts on a growth spurt and adopts the eighth-generation hatchback’s tech

What is it?

There hasn’t always been a Volkswagen Golf Estate. In fact, it wasn’t until the third-generation Golf that Volkswagen decided buyers might warm to the added versatility of such a model.

Since 1993, though, it has been a mainstay of Volkswagen’s line-up, growing ever larger and offering greater load space in each iteration.

This latest one continues that theme, being 71mm longer than its predecessor, at 4633mm. The wheelbase gets 67mm of that extra stretch, the rear overhang the rest. It’s a moderate increase but rectifies one of this model’s weaknesses over the years: rear leg room, which has increased by 38mm.

Load space has risen, too, if only by six litres to 611 litres under the cargo blind. Overall, the Golf has 1642 litres, 22 more than before, when the split folding rear seat is down. By comparison, the Ford Focus Estate offers 608-1653 litres.

3 Volkswagen golf estate 2020 fd hero rear

What's it like?

The roomy interior mirrors that of the Mk8 Volkswagen Golf hatchback, with a contemporary new dashboard that’s big on touchscreen digital controls and less so on physical switches. There is a lot of hard plastic within the upper section of the fascia, but it all appears well put together.

The new estate has the same range of three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines as the hatch, too, including 48V mild-hybrid petrols. Traditionally, though, diesels have underpinned UK sales. The more powerful of the 2.0-litre TDI models driven here, with its standard seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, adopts the twin-dosing AdBlue process with two SCR catalysts to cut NOx output.

It is rather chattery on start-up in cooler temperatures. But with 148bhp and 265lb ft, it gets off the line with urgency and is highly flexible on the move. A combined 70.6mpg promises a range of well over 700 miles as well.

The handling is very benign, with light but accurate steering, well-contained body roll and quite good front grip. It rides well, although the added cabin volume amplifies road noise more than in the hatchback.

8 Volkswagen golf estate 2020 fd dashboard

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Should I buy one?

It’s not particularly exciting, but what it lacks in dynamic flair, it makes up for in overall versatility and everyday usefulness.

This is the automotive equivalent of a sensible pair of shoes: dependable in just about every situation without ever threatening to stand out in a crowd.

2 Volkswagen golf estate 2020 fd hero side


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Antony Riley 15 November 2020

Do  V W design team really

Do  V W design team really think this new design is a masterpiece when chief design boss that's it guys  let,s go with that .It's got absolutely no worthy design feature  anywhere in its exterior looks.It really is utterly boring in every aspect.Do car buyers go into the V W showroom and go wow .I'm baffled to say the least as to why they are bought.Also by all accounts the so called (a mith) interior quality has taken a step backwards .All these negatives why bu y it plus their fabled reliability is well again a myth looking at all current data they are well down the list amazing ! What's to like not a lot 

Will86 14 November 2020

There has been a good looking Golf Estate

The Mark 4 estate was a smart looking estate and a sensible size. The base models weren't so attractive but sport trim with alloys and body coloured rubbing strips always look good. But then I am biased seeing as I learned to drive in one.

scotty5 14 November 2020

It's a better effort.

I was looking to buy an estate of this size almost 3yr ago and the Golf met all my requirements. There was just one issue, I thought it looking frig'n wierd. The GTD disguised it better but in the end I went for the Octavia ( and never regreted it one moment - it works brilliantly as an estate ).

To my eyes the mk8 estate is far more aesthetically pleasing than the mk7- ruined of course by the front end. I'd still take an Octavia estate over this anyday. That said, I'd take an Octavia over any estate, and that includes 5 series, A6 Avant, E Class and Skoda's own Superb. Yes really, it's that good. I could fit things in the Octavia boot that wouldn't fit in an E-Class!