Tough to love but equally difficult to be overly critical, the Golf Plus is exactly as its name suggests. It’s perhaps an answer to a question no-one asked? But on balance we still feel reasonably well disposed towards the Golf Plus.

It’s not a great-looking car but it will be bought by people who value form over function and, to them, the fact that it offers an extra degree of interior space and flexibility without smiting them the spectre of MPV ownership will be temptation enough. It should cost less than it does but its residual value should ensure the shirt stays on its owner’s back. It’s not a car that rewrites any rulebooks, but for a certain sort of person, it may prove to be just the job.

It’d be more appealing if it were a bit cheaper and a bit more exciting to look at

The diesel engines make most sense, the Bluemotion equipped cars returning family budget friendly economy mixed with decent performance. Refinement is high in all, though ultimately it lacks the sophistication of the latest Golf - the Golf Plus still being based on the previous generation Golf’s platform. A halfway house then, but a car that has its place in the VW range and can justify its existence in the family car market. It’d be more attractive if it were a bit cheaper and a bit more exciting to look at, with rivals’ showrooms filled with sharper styled, less expensive alternatives. 


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