If you’re looking for surprises, you’ve come to the wrong place – people don’t buy Golf Pluses to have their conventions rearranged. Its mechanical specification, from its strut-type front suspension to its multi-link rear end, is pure Golf. Unsurprisingly then, it drives very much as you might expect a slightly taller, heavier Golf to drive. 

However, we have always admired the latest Golf platform for its ability to serve up something approaching the best blend of ride and handling of any car in its class and these talents are passed on to the Plus in largely undimmed form. If you have the two side by side you could doubtless measure and maybe even subjectively detect the extra weight of the bigger car holding it back on the straights and making it more sluggish in the corners, but for most people most of the time, the Golf Plus has more than adequate dynamics.

The brakes are a little over-sensitive in the initial pedal travel, but very effective

Either the S with its standard 15-inch steel wheels or SE with 16-inch alloy wheels rides decently, the suspension isolating all but the worst bumps from occupants while retaining good control and comfort. There’s a bit more roll in the bends thanks to its increased height, but the Golf Plus goes about its business ably, if not with any real verve.

The steering is decently weighted, though don’t expect much in the way of feel through the wheel’s rim, it lacking the sharpness offered by its key Ford C-Max rival. That’s unlikely to bother most buyers though, who will appreciate its all-round ability and comfort in all conditions. 


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