This is where the Golf Plus is alleged to come into its own. Designed to offer all the comfort and quality people have expected of the Golf for decades, but with an added level of ease of use, the idea behind the Golf Plus might seem sound.

But never escape with the idea that this is actually an MPV in disguise. Yes its rear seats slide, split, recline and fold, yes the front passenger seat will fold in half too and, yes there are 43 separate storage units dotted about the cabin, but you can’t remove the rear seats and overall carrying capacity is more akin to what it is – a large hatchback – than a conventional mid-sized MPV like the Touran.

Steering wheel rim is just the right thickness

Many owners, however will appreciate the extra interior room – though most of it is actually taken up providing spare headroom that only the freakishly tall or top hat fetishists will appreciate. Even so, there’s the raised driving position so beloved of MPV owners and excellent leg room front and rear for five occupants.

And, of course, you get to enjoy a smart, well-built Volkswagen dash with its intuitive ergonomics and attractive design, a flawless driving position with a reach and rake adjustable wheel and first class all round visibility.

That alone will be enough to attract buyers, but despite a refresh in 2009 the Golf Plus’ interior lacks the latest, near premium level of quality and hushed refinement you’ll get in its non Plus hatchback relative. If you value a higher driving position over everything else though, the Golf Plus should suit.


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