Most Volkswagens err on the side of conservatism when it comes to styling and the Golf Plus is perhaps the best example of that. Despite a re-style in 2009 its basic shape remains the same as the car that was launched in 2005. That’s not to say it’s offensive, it’s just rather forgettable. The smarter headlamps and sharper grille that denotes VW’s current design style does lift interest a bit, but alongside more adventurously penned rivals it’s more than a little dull. Understated, perhaps, which in fairness will suit many of the people it’s targeted at. 

The additional height it brings over its hatchback relative is apparent in its rather slab-sided profile, it actually looking more like an inflated VW Fox than enhanced scale Golf. If there’s one area where it looks good it’s around the rear, where the neatly detailed LED rear lights add some visual appeal - looking great when lit up at night.

Dash looks very dull if you don't spec the optional integrated infotainment screen

What it does avoid is the boxy look of many midi-MPV rivals, with its one-and-a-half box silhouette definitely retaining its hatchback DNA despite the increased height and space inside. That height gives great access too, with larger doors front and rear, which open wide to the generously spacious interior.  Avoid S trim with its poverty-specification steel wheels and wheelcovers, these only adding to the somewhat under-wheeled look. The larger alloy wheels of the SE specification help, but even so equipped it’s never going to turn heads like some more glamorous rivals do. 


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