Vauxhall has succeeded with the Corsa VXR in building a small hot hatch that oozes showroom appeal like nothing it has ever created. It’s styling might not be to all tastes, but a level of exuberance is what cars like this are all about.

Since its introduction, the Corsa VXR has risen from £15,500 to almost £19,000. It might feel better built than a Clio and have more equipment but that’s an awfully large amount of money.

Special editions are very expensive

The VXR Blue adds another £700, while the Nurburgring edition is a staggering £22,500.

And don’t think the increased cost will make it a safer place to store your money. After three years, it’ll be worth about the same as a Clio Renaultsport.

It certainly feels better built than the Clio though, and the interior, although chintzy, is has more pizzazz than its French rival.

With one of the largest dealer networks in the land, they will be no shortage of takers for your servicing business.

Fuel economy – officially rated at 35.8mpg combined – is likely to be figure in around 28mpg for all but the most lead-footed drivers. That’s not a bad figure considering the performance offered.


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