It's hard to make this verdict sound like it's doing anything other than damning with faint praise.

So let's deal with what you might consider damning first: this isn't the sort of car to get enthusiasts excited. Cars that can do that in this sector do exist, but the Toyota Auris Touring Sports isn't one of them. However – and it's quite a significant 'however' – those who like the way that the Auris goes about things are likely to find that they like the Auris's moves very much.

Even in poverty specification, the Ford Focus trumps the Auris on all fronts

In hybrid form it has an excellent drivetrain that's easy to live with, it's big in the front, decent in the back and spacious in the boot. And it feels efficiently – if unemotionally – assembled.

We would like a bit more from a car than that, but for those who don't, the Auris will fit their needs remarkably well.

Otherwise, take your pick from the Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia, Honda Civic Tourer, Seat Leon ST or Volkswagen Golf Estate.