Limited edition Impreza is definitely the best current-model Scooby we've seen. Burns would have loved it.

What’s new?

Subaru UK importers IM Group has produced a limited edition Impreza in memory of WRC champion Richard Burns, who died of Brain Cancer in November 2005. It's called the Impreza RB320 and, in short, it's an STi with the Prodrive engine tuning package and a bespoke chassis set-up, comprised of Bilstein dampers, Eibach springs and a lower ride height. Only available in Black, the RB320 gets a mesh grille, a new front lip spoiler and a different wheel design.

What’s it like?

Far better than the standard STi. The new components and Prodrive’s suspension tweakery have done wonders for this car. When you really seek to stretch it over a few twists and bumps, the RB320 settles on its springs more quickly than the standard STi, making changing direction easier.

Through longer corners those Bilstein dampers do a better job of controlling vertical body movement, ridding the Impreza of its trademark bobbing primary ride.

Should I buy one?

The Impreza is old now, and feels it, making forking out £30k for one difficult to justify. Yet if the Impreza is your thing, then the RB320 represents the ultimate version of the current model – and that's a model that won't be around for much longer, as we know it. And it also looks wickedly stealthy in black.

Jamie Corstorphine

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