You’ll certainly need to believe in novelty value to argue that the Renault Twizy represents a sound financial prospect at almost £7000. It’s a cheap EV and, as such, is sure to attract early adopters who would prefer to dip their toe in with something that has a less substantial price.

But you’ll also need an open mind to understand that £7k doesn’t buy you its battery outright. The Twizy’s battery will be leased to the end user, with prices starting from £45 a month and increasing with mileage. Group 10 insurance on top of all that means that owning one is unlikely to represent a saving compared with an entry-level city car.

The Twizy’s retained values are tipped to suffer a five per cent penalty over three years versus its nearest rivals

The good news is that the Twizy comes with Renault’s 4+ complementary aftercare package, which includes a four-year, 100,000-mile warranty, four years of routine servicing, four years of finance, and four years of breakdown cover – should your range anxiety turn into roadside embarrassment.

You’ll need an outside electrical socket to charge the car. Renault’s power cable is only three metres long, which may restrict your at-home charging options. 

The more satisfied Twizy owners might end up being those with the flexibility to treat it more like a motorbike – putting it away for the winter months, when low temperatures would make the battery range and open cabin trying.


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