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Mid-life refresh for Peugeot's city car
17 April 2009

What is it?

This is the facelifted Peugeot 107, the French manufacturer’s popular city car. The car is near identical to the Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo and has been around since 2005, so it’s time for a spruce-up.

The front bumper is now a little more aggressive, replacing the smiley mouth with a gaping grille that gives the car a passing resemblance to a puffer fish.

But there are also neat styling touches such as the neatly integrated rear door on the five-door version.

What’s it like?

If you liked the previous Peugeot 107, you’ll like this because it is mechanically identical.

Peugeot has tweaked the ECU slightly so that the 1.0-litre three-pot motor now returns 62.7mpg on the combined cycle instead of 61.3mpg – not a big change but an impressive figure nonetheless.

Performance is the same despite an increase of 1bhp to 68bhp (70lb ft of torque), which means that 0-60mph takes 14.2 seconds.

It’s a gutsy little unit, though, and makes a pleasing sound, so nipping around town can be fun.

There is an impressive turning circle and the light steering makes parking easy.

We tested the mid-range Peugeot 107 Urban, which has standard features over the Urban Lite such as electric front windows, side airbags and remote central door locking.

The Peugeot 107 Urban now comes in two all-new colours; ‘Mandalin Orange’ and ‘Electra Blue’ supplement the existing range of Raven Black, Citrus Yellow, Laser Red, Carbon Grey and Zircon Grey.

Inside little has changed, and there is still the intriguing back-lit translucent panel for the heating/ventilation. Overall it is airy and roomy for a car this size.

Should I buy one?

For a city car the 107 Urban ticks all the right boxes - nippy, easy to drive, spacious - bar one.

The Peugeot 107 Urban is quite expensive for what is supposed to be a cheap car. It costs more, in fact, than a Hyundai i10 Style, which has a bigger engine, more power and heated seats.


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Maybe it is time Peugeot looked at a more comprehensive update.

Ollie Stallwood

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17 April 2009

It's a bit like a Basking Shark. Gaping wide mouth, but no danger to anything but plankton.

I'm not sure why anyone would buy this above the C1 or Aygo.

17 April 2009

i think this range (aygo/c1/107) is one of the best cars the UK has seen, for what it provides.

they are very popular and deservedly so.

i would only recommend the cheapest base models at £7k though. it takes away the point of the car to spec them up for extra money.

17 April 2009

I would never buy this car. I'd buy the C1/Aygo, but the facelift has made this car SO ugly. Why must Peugeot stick that ugly, awful, dreadful, disgusting corporate face on EVERY bloody car?


17 April 2009

My thoughts are exactly as the guy above's. Peugeot's 'corporate face' is absolutely horrific - and this is about the most offensive application of it I've seen to date. I'm lost for words.


17 April 2009

The new front end looks as if Peugeot has forced the grille open with a metal bar and forgoten to take it out.

Why did Peugeot have to change the design? The previous version of this car looked better.

17 April 2009

[quote crazyal]

The new front end looks as if Peugeot has forced the grille open with a metal bar and forgoten to take it out.


exactly - it's like it's been to the dentist and had those mouth clamps in so it could have its teeth taken out, but they've forgotten to take the clamps out afterwards.

Would be tidy enough without that ridiculous sized opening - as it wasn't a Peugeot design the rest of the car actually has some proportional correctness about it.

17 April 2009

I'm not the best with Photoshop but I'm sure I could find something better to fill that opening - how about this:

107 Improvement

18 April 2009

looks like its got a crowbar stuck in its gob.

18 April 2009

very good orangewheels- it looks much better!! :D

19 April 2009

I think Autocar's comparison with the Hyundai i10 is a little unfair. The i10 is a great car, and is working wonders for Hyundai and small cars in general (there is a massive waiting list!), but the 107, certainly the C1 and Aygo, are more stylish and characterful cars in my opinion. Okay, Peugeot have made the 107 look a bit funny - but I've seen quite a few out and about already and it looks better in the metal and in the right colour. With discounts, also, top-end versions of all three can be had for less than £7500, and base models for £6000, so haggle hard! Or buy a used 107 or new C1 or Aygo.


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