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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

BMW’s ability to repackage the Mini’s basic formula as a convincing new product is matched only by its knack for convincing consumers that the result is desirable enough to pay a premium for.

It’s a welcome surprise, then, to learn that at the cheaper end of the market at least, the Coupé has been priced very keenly indeed. Thanks to the entry-level Cooper model, the new line-up undercuts all of its nearest rivals by a comfortable margin.

The Coupé has been priced very keenly indeed

Predictably, the JCW returns the brand to premium-pricing form, but even the top-spec car is broadly competitive, especially when its respectable 165g/km and potential 46.1mpg touring fuel economy are taken into account.

Our overall test figure was a more representative 33mpg, a fair result for the pace on offer – but the Cooper SD is little slower on real roads and has the economy bonus that a 114g/km CO2 score makes clear.