It seems entirely fair to presume that had the MG ZS EV been launched closer to the beginning of this decade, it would have been a force to be reckoned with. By all measures, this is a seriously affordable and impressively practical electric vehicle, with a powertrain that offers perfectly agreeable performance and drivability.

However, in the context of what you can now expect at the humbler end of the EV spectrum, the impression that the MG has arrived to the party a few years too late becomes a tricky one to shake. Its 113-mile mixed-use range is the largest speed hump in this respect, and sees it trail similarly priced rivals by a not insignificant margin. An at-times baggy ride, meanwhile, along with lacklustre handling and flaky, often irritating safety systems don’t do it many favours either.

Practical, affordable MG fails to truly move the game on

While the MG might win some bargain-savvy fans to begin with, this car’s limited usability is likely to make it age quickly with the pace at which the EV market is developing. Right now, as a value option, the ZS EV has a place – but it will need longer legs pretty quickly to be able to keep it.

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