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Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2007-2014

The Mercedes C-Class marks a return to the company's old-school values of all-round quality and maturity

14 October 2008

What is it?

The greenest C-class yet. The C 250 CDI BlueEfficiency, to give it its slightly convoluted full name, which uses a brand-new twin-turbocharged, four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine.

Don’t believe the badge on the boot: the C 250 does not run a 2.5-litre engine. Rather the ‘250’ nomenclature indicates that the engine sitting up front is the most powerful version of Merc’s four-cylinder, twin-turbocharged 2143cc common rail diesel engine. The new powerplant delivers 201bhp at 4200rpm, along with a prodigious 369lb ft from just 1600rpm.

What’s it like?

The key to the performance is low-end torque, something the C 250 possesses in spades. There’s no need to work the engine hard – just keep it percolating along somewhere between 1500 and 3500rpm and you’ve got plenty of thrust.

Thanks to the two different sized turbochargers, the power delivery is linear and smooth all the way to the red line, making the C 250 feel more like a big capacity six-cylinder engine, and giving some genuine reason to explore the outer limits of the rev counter.

Merc claims a 0-62mph time of 7.0 seconds, but with all that pull and an ability to rev to 5200rpm it feels much livelier off the line and through the gears than this figure suggests. It’s also powerful enough to warrant fitment of the familiar 155mph electronic speed limiter.

Refinement is impressive, generating nothing more than a distant murmur and very little characteristic diesel vibration at motorway speeds.

But it’s economy that really sets the C 250 CDI apart. Mercedes claims a combined cycle average of 54.3mpg, thanks to low rolling resistance tyres, underbody cladding, low-drag door mirrors and a standard six-speed manual gearbox. Impressive enough, although we saw an indicated 70.6mpg showing on the trip computer after a motorway run.

Should I buy one?

Why not? With fuel consumption figures like this, it’s hard not to be impressed. Factor in the C 250 CDI’s solid performance, unruffled ride and excellent refinement you’ve got a very enticing package.

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17 October 2008

This thing looks like a very serious propostion. I'm not a big fan of diesels eventhough my current company car is a 1.6 diesel. I feel particularly miserable in the mornings especially now that the weather's getting cold. it just rumbles and rattles. i just wish the week away so i can jump into my BMW Z4. The 3.0 straight six is simply awesome. That said i think this Merc is seriously threatening to steal my car purchase. Especially in Sport guise. Looks the part and from what i've read it goes very well too. I'll have a test drive in the new year to see whats what.

17 October 2008

[quote 65 AMG]This thing looks like a very serious propostion. [/quote]

I agree. 70mpg ! Yes, please. I just hope Merc don't ruin it by overpricing it. I bet they do.

17 October 2008

true, they tend to consistently overprice their cars and slightly put people off. i was looking at the getting a CLK 280 Sport but the time i'd added a few options the price was way out of touch. So i just settled for an ex-demo unregistered Z4. got almost 10k knocked off the price because the car had apparently been sitting in the showroom for close to six months. absolute bargain. The fuel consumption isn't though. :)

21 October 2008

[quote 65 AMG]I'm not a big fan of diesels eventhough my current company car is a 1.6 diesel. [/quote] Me either but this one sounds like a belter!

27 October 2009

I am keen to hear if this version of the 2.2 litre automatic "sports" has the same problem as the C series 2.2 cdi "sports" auto, namely the approximately two second delay after flooring the throttle from standing start before the car starts to use the power from the engine. I find this exaggerated hesitation extremely dangerous and it makes a complete mockery of the quoted acceleration figures, but MB technical say there is "NO FAULT" with my car. My car moves forward at walking pace for a full two seconds into the traffic before deciding to accelerate.

I can't wait to try the new e-series 250 with bi-turbo. Maybe this is the solution to this problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

27 October 2009

[quote Bruce Wayne]70mpg ! Yes, please. I just hope Merc don't ruin it by overpricing it. I bet they do.[/quote]

70 mpg ... actually the piece says 54 combined, and I'd expect no more than 45 in real life. I currently have a 1.6 diesel focus as a rental since end of September and on the paper it is v economical.

In practice it gets worse mpg than our family 406 which has 100000 miles on the clock and is older tech, heavier and more powerful.

And of course it will be overpriced. Mercs always are.


20 March 2010

speaking of 'real life' fuel consumption - it's usually in the range of +/- 10% of the 'urban' figure...apart from 'Autocar' road tests of course, which are carried out by 'devil may care' drivers with lead feet & no regard for the cost of tyres..." there I was, sideways around the roundabout etc" - real life figures tend to be quite a bit better than their 'overall test consumption'

Q - why do so many tests/journos refer to fuel 'economy' when testing a Lambo or Cayenne?

happy motoring on £5.23 a gallon...


Keith McIntyre


21 March 2010

Should I buy one?

Why not? With fuel consumption figures like this, it’s hard not to be impressed. Factor in the C250 CDI’s solid performance, unruffled ride and excellent refinement you’ve got a very enticing package.

At the moment you should not probably buy one as Mercedes Benz has a major issue with faulty injectors. They are unable to source enough new upgraded injectors as apparently thousands Europe wide are off the road waiting for the new injectors as the original fitment ones burn out.

Our c250 cdi estate has been off the road for 3 weeks still awaiting upgraded injectors. It had to go to the local Mercedes garage on a low loader as the car would not run. It is only 3 months old with 4 thousand miles on the clock!

Still no sign of getting it back.

It took 2 days to source an equivalent vehicle as a loan car as there are so many loan cars out for broken down Mercedes Benz vehicles.

The loan car is a very slow uneconomical c180 kompressor saloon.

21 March 2010

[quote QTS]Mercedes Benz has a major issue with faulty injectors[/quote]

There are blogs elsewhere with literally hundreds of owners writing about this problem and yet I've seen almost nothing in the mainstream press so far. Pressure from advertisers perhaps?

21 March 2010

I've driven the 220CDi and found it to be an awesome drive. It certainly didn't suffer from the lag that a previous poster mentioned.

This new model must be spectacular. I'd definitely buy one if I had the wedge going spare!


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