The Mercedes SLS is imposing at a standstill and dramatic on the move, exactly as a supercar should be.

We wish the cabin was a little more special – it’s nicely trimmed and you can’t question the build quality, but for the cash and up against some stellar rivals, it’s just a little bit bland. You’d be disappointed to see some of the switchgear on the SLS that you’ll also find in a C-Class for a fraction of the cost.

The dynamics are especially well sorted

The dynamics are especially well sorted. The SLS coupé may prove to be a little stiff for those who buy one simply to commute or pose, but no one can question its ability to get around a corner remarkably briskly. The Roadster's (slightly) softer character will appeal more to those who aren't in the market to buy the car for its ultimate driving ability.

The engine is a masterpiece, though – seemless power allied to a great noise. One noise we could do without, though, is the tyre drone at motorway speeds.

Technically, our only real grumbles are that perhaps ceramic brakes should be standard and that the coupé's doors, although flash, do hinder access and interior space. While it’s great to see the return of a Gullwing Mercedes, owners will have to find a new way of getting into their cars, while grabbing hold of the door handles in the process.

However, for all its objective accomplishments, we wish it were a little more emotive. The cabin probably best sums up the SLS: enough space, well equipped and soundly built, but oddly ordinary at the same time.

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