When you intentionally appropriate elements from an uncompromising sports car and amplify the recipe to create a luxury four-door performance GT, you invite confusion and discord.

With this GT63, Mercedes-AMG has not simply swerved that outcome, but steered a convincing course through a different postcode.

AMG defies physics with a four-door GT that handles beautifully

Magnificently composed and yet playful, this chassis – related to those of AMG’s saloons but adapted almost beyond recognition – is arguably the finest partner yet for AMG’s herculean 4.0-litre V8 and serves as a technological high-water mark in this class. It masks the GT’s bulk with spellbinding panache on the right road, where the driver is invited to explore not only their own potential but also that of the car. That such a feeling of honest involvement should come about through such complex engineering is a real achievement.

Preventing the GT63 from gaining five stars is an interior that trails behind rivals for quality and practicality. There are also questions about audible refinement, but these impinge only lightly on its touring credentials and are small concerns next to such a resounding dynamic showcase.

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