Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The GT63’s asking price is high but won’t come as a shock to anyone in the market for a car of these abilities.

A sticker price of £121,350 makes it the best part of £5000 more expensive than what is arguably its closest rival, the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Residuals are competitive with the Porsche’s. They’re a way off being so compared with the most wanted six-figure exotic sports cars, but such is the way of things with more usable fast four-seaters generally.

CAP isn’t expecting class-leading residuals for GT63 4-Door, but a pretty competitive showing all the same

Standard equipment is impressive. For the car’s £121k asking price, you not only get that mighty engine and impressive chassis but also AMG sports seats upholstered in nappa leather, multi-beam LED headlights, a Burmester surround-sound system, 20in alloys and plenty more besides.

The step up to the GT63 S requires an additional £14,200 outlay. That premium is made easier to swallow by the fact that along with considerably more power, you get even more sophisticated performance hardware, including bigger brakes, and the AMG Dynamic Plus package.

At the time of writing, Mercedes’ Agility PCP plan will get you into the car for under £1400 a month, after a deposit of just under £30k. The optional final balloon payment is just under £60k. That’s at a representative APR of 6.3% and the offer is available until 31.3.19.

You should expect a pretty voracious appetite for fuel, but not a crippling one. Our test car averaged better than 20mpg, which, given how intensively it was performance tested, isn’t a particular black mark, and it also showed itself capable of a 30.1mpg moderate cruise.

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