Racing has generally proved that the fastest way around a race track is no longer in a vehicle whose engine is in its front. But you get the feeling that, with the C 63 AMG Black, that was not Mercedes' intention.

Fingertips and backsides are do not always agree with stopwatches, however, and there’s still something remarkably compelling about a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive car that exudes real balance.

Few new sports cars – regardless of where their engines are – have the same intimacy and adjustability as the C 63 AMG Black Series.

Some driving experiences live with you forever; lapping the Black Series around our dry handling circuit is one of those. No, it’s not as delicate as some cars, because of its weight.

But exploiting its exceptional balance and repeatedly, trustworthily pushing it into line-straightening angles is something that none of our testers will forget in a hurry.

The C 63 AMG Black Series is a technical and tactile triumph.